MM revelation

This page is not finished, for now it is only a bunch of notes.

How it started?

(meetup Andrew Gray)
Title of the meetup: Learn how to make a min of $5k p/m passive income! Exclusive opp ENDS 11th 7pm!!

Learn how to make a min of $5k p/m passive income! Exclusive opp ENDS 11th 7pm!!

Saturday, Jul 22, 2017, 3:00 PM

Location details are available to members only.

13 Members Attending

****Third PRE LAUNCH event – Not sure if there will be another one! *****Hello everyone, Andrew Gray, the Founder of this group here. I have an EXCLUSIVE opportunity from my mentor Eric Ho – (Google him, he is a serial entrepreneur!).I am not going to say much here, but there is the potential to earn a minimum of $5,000 per month, passive income,…

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The meetup post contains only a link. The link get you to a registration form.

Place, revealed by email 1 day before.
Plaza River bank
forced to be there soon
5 emails with a stupid video (I’m exciting, pre-launh, like Facebook) before the event.

water (no beer, orange joice or something to eat)

yuhuuu, gimme five and big smile, and videos and photos all the time.

high volume music
Singer, horrible pop music, promotion of her album
another singer,

A women was the speaker and then present Eric Ho.
It is like in the videos on youtube.
Good speaker, bla bla bla and trickes to get attention.
Bla bla bla. Some photos
At 24 years old he was financial independent.
Some images with cars (some out of the shop winmdow!)
Some in SPA or yatch (clearly not his, because he was not manouvering”).
A lot os self-videos, some embarassing for the stupidity.

He present Mister Wong. An idiot that has 20 million like for a video on youtube, So? How can this makew ME rich?

All the time generic questions to the crowd and “raise your and if/who”…

All the links in the email before the event are tracked with funnel.