Buy ripple with PayPal is no more a problem

Many people ask on web sites where to buy ripple (XRP) with a credit card or with PayPal.
Many web site suggest procedures where the user have to register on one or more web sites, buy a different cryptocurrency (usually Ethereum) and then exchange it for XRP.
This procedure is long and not simple.

Some example of this request:

In the last couple of months many web sites were creatd just to supply this demand.
You can buy XRP directly with a credit card or with PayPal.
Unfortunately the majority of them offer a really bad price or require time for the transaction.
I created one web site were the transaction is IMMEDIATE because I sell XRP that are already in my possession and the price is really competitive.


It is fast.
I does not need verification.
Available for any country.

It is needed to provide an existent XRP wallet. To create a new one I suggest to use an exchange like Bitstamp, GateHub, Binance or a Toast Wallet.


Paypal exchange rate

I recently made some payments with paypal that requires the GBP currency.
I have added the GBP currency to my Paypal account.
I have a debit and a credit card in GBP currency (HSBC) that I use everyday.
I was not able to add these cards to Paypal. The process return the error “This card is not accepted. Please use a different card”.

I noticed that Paypal apply a particular disparaging exchange rate.
I usually use this site, that is more accurate of Google.
I concede they can use a little different exchabge rate, just enough to not loose money, but these differences seems exagerate to me.

Date Paypal Google Paypal diff
12 Jan 2017 0.81837 0.85198 8.85 + 3.94 %
10 Jan 2017 0.8196 0.85181 0.85 + 3.78 %

To calculate the percentage difference I used this formula:
Diff % = ((official_rate-paypal_rate) / official_rate) * 100